Using Twitter To Get The Maximum Exposure To Your Website

There are many ways to get exposure to your intended audience for your product on the internet, but with the social web, the opportunities have magnified. Today, marketing on the World Wide Web is a lot easier, and different than what it used to be say, seven years ago. Twitter happens to be have tapped into their target market as they have shown this to be a success with internet marketers. Twitter, a micro blogging service, is not only helping for getting direct exposure for your product or service, but also allows you to connect with your prospects and build a strong relationship with them.

Grow Followers by Giving Value: One method is to start following those in your niche to then have them follow you back. Having these targeted followers is great, but the flaw in this method is that they are not necessarily responsive.

It’s basically “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch your back” approach. How do you find followers that are actually worth it? Your followers want value! When you tweet stuff that’s actually liked by people, you’ll see that a good number of them will re-tweet what you share with them, which will obviously give you more followers.

If you are using Twitter for promoting your business or products it’s a good idea to create niche specific accounts so that you can determine which account to use for your various promotions and product introductions. This will even apply to you if you are targeting a broad niche with several sub niches, since having targeted followers in each micro niche means and increased probability of more responses to tweets or actions taken as you have directed.

The most important thing you can do at Twitter is work on creating positive relationships, and that will give you an immense edge on your competition. Twitter is so different from Facebook in many ways, and that is why most marketers do not perform well at Twitter. If you show yourself as a business, then people will tend to be unresponsive to you. There is no way you can stay behind the facade of a business and expect positive results at Twitter; it just does not work that way. As you can see from above, one of the most effective ways to serve the market you are targeting, by being consistent and grow your relationship with them. Every business knows the value of creating effective relationships, because that’s what your business stands on. With Twitter you can share many ideas with your prospects and get feedback from your clients.


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