Social Media News You Can Use

Social media news you can use for specific list of competitors that you would like to research, your best bet on finding their Twitter accounts is to visit their website and look for their social links (usually near a Twitter icon in the header, sidebar or footer of their site).

Whilst Social Mention is a great service Hoot Suite can delve slighty deeper into Twitter and allows you to keep track of everything from everytime your competition tweets, is mentioned or is retweeted.

The Social Collective is a hosted, white-labeled, secure web and mobile service in use by some of the world’s finest events (like SXSW and Oracle OpenWorld) designed to help attendees maximize their social media management.

While market research groups provided one channel for companies to learn about the interests and perceptions of a few customers, companies like RapLeaf allow you to identify your customer base by revealing key insights and trends about what social networks your customers use, other popular websites for customers, relative location trends and relative demographic trends.

Want to go way beyond the top three social and skilled networks? Here are more ideas on social networks and websites to research your competitors social media integration.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can learn about your competitors through different social networks, social media strategies, search engines and other outlets.

The use of social data allows you to hone your financial performance projections and product development, especially if you produce specific promotions for each social network, and can track revenue and profit from the activities on individual channels.

Sixent is a social networking site which makes it easier for you to share your life online the way you want.

At this point, you have done your study and have found a lot of great opponents in your social arena.

By saving your competition as search terms, you will receive email alerts, much like Google Alerts, allowing you to see where your competitors are popping up in the social web, and if the sentiment is good or bad.

Possibly the most favorable Digg opponent, this Conde Naste-owned company also offers a white-label social news services that is gaining some popularity among users. I like using these tools for there ability to scout out influence networks and attempt to measure social metrics like total reach, mentions, Retweets and other things.

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