Social Media for Business

Using Social Media for Business is now becoming an essential and powerful way to market your Business.

The Marketing Paradigm has shifted. Nearly all consumers (97%) now use online media when researching products or services. The misconception is that only young peole use these technologies but in fact, nearly all of the buying public use them.

Marketing has changed from a one-way broadcast to a multi-point conversation building trust and integrity in the consumers mind. In the past, communications were “broadcast”exclusively through mass marketing channels like radio, TV and Newspapers. With social media, however, much of the communication is controlled by the prospects through services like Facebook and Twitter, which have more than 700 million members combined – and Youtube, which gets 300 million visitors a month.

You need a knowledgeable to help you plan and execute online and mobile marketing strategies with zero extra effort on your part.

Our Services & Strategies

Our primary objectives will be to work with you on your online marketing, combining SEO with Social Media strategies which are highly targeted to achieve the most powerful and cost effective way to market your business with exceptional results with little to no effort on your part.

We will develop a unique Social Media Marketing Blueprint, custom made for you and your business, which engage with your prospects and customers on their terms, leveraging your business using new online Social Media and Mobile Marketing platforms.

Online Video Marketing Strategies

Increase your business visibility and authority by communicating to your prospect through visual technology and dramatically increasing your traffic.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

20th century marketing to it’s maximum, communicating with potential customers and clients through mobile devices, delivering your promotions with dynamic results. We take care of this for you!

Local Directory Marketing Strategies

Take full advantage of local searches for your business and increase the flow of clients and customers to your business substantially.

Automated Follow Up Systems and Campaigns

Maximise your sales by keeping clients and prospects engaged with your business turning them into raving fans by following up through email, mobile, text and voice mail.

Lead Capturing Systems and Campaigns

Build an asset to your business by capturing leads from the powerful marketing strategies of Social Media, online video, tweets, text messages, follow up emails, site pages, social media posts, voice mail, content creation, mobile marketing all driving potential customers to your business, helping you build a customer list you can market to in the future.

Thank you for your interest in our Social Media and Mobile Marketing services.

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