Secrets For Getting Your Twitter Followers To Retweet Your Posts

Your influence on Twitter is greatly expanded when your tweets are retweeted by your followers, and you can take certain steps to make this happen more often. Below are some tips for achieving this so your tweets can reach more people.

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You should always be networking at Twitter and engaging your community of followers. Once you have some solid friendships, then just be direct and send them a message in which you ask for their help with a retweet. People generally are willing to respond positively if you explain why you need their help. People like to help those they know, but just be sure you do not ask too often.

But by no means should you send them RT requests multiple times per week because that will turn them off.

If you already have a Twitter account, then you know about using the URL shortener services; otherwise, we will just say that you should use them. We suggest you just use whatever URL shortener service that appeals to you. Just as long as the URL fits in space provided, then that will not pose any issues with retweets. We have noticed that once in a while a shortened URL will drop a few characters and will not work, so be sure you test things out before tweeting.

Put all the most important social icons on your sites so anybody can share it. You should get a blog, definitely, because you can integrate so much with social media.

So make sure you place a TweetMeme button on your blog to make it easy for your readers to instantly share your content on Twitter. You want your visitors to have no trouble locating your various share icons. There are entire networks of high quality blogs, and people use social media promotion all over them. So if you don’t have this simple option on your blog, you’re seriously cutting down on chances of getting more retweets.

There are more Twitter tips for getting retweets, so learn them and then implement them.

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