Make Real Use Of Social Bookmarking Sites To Get Traffic

Social bookmarking can work for any website in terms of getting targeted traffic. People who browse through these sites are often looking for specific information that they can use today and, if you are able to give it to them, not only will you get liked by lots of people but you’ll end up getting great visitors for your website. The best thing about traffic from social bookmarking sites is that you aren’t limited to just a few niches; you can promote any site you like and still have traffic flowing in. The thing that matters the most is being able to provide value–that’s what it all boils down to. Whether or not you intend to target a specific niche market like local mobile monopoly review or any other niche, it’s important that you remember the following tips.

Sales Pitches are A Big No-No: When you submit your link to a social bookmarking site you need to remember that the people who make use of social bookmarking sites are only looking for information and not for anything else. This is why you should never ever bookmark your sales page, because that would be nothing but direct selling. People who use these social bookmarking sites know immediately that you are trying to make a direct sales pitch instead of helping them. This will make all your efforts backfire. Instead, what you need to do is link to a pre-sales page that will offer some real information to your target audience so that you can warm up potential buyers before you send them on to your real sales page.

Your Title Needs to Stand Out: Do not make the mistake of including your URL in your title because your title needs to contain your unique selling point. Put in your main keyword in the title so that it not only gets noticed by the people that are searching, but also gets a good search engine ranking. The title is an area that isn’t given a whole lot of attention by the majority of webmasters out there and it is due to this lack of attention that they have low click through rates. If perhaps you would like to target a niche such as adam horwitz or virtually any other specialized niche, it’s vital that you remember the following tips.

Profile Pictures are Necessary: When you make use of sites like Digg and Reddit, you will see that other users identify you by the profile picture you use so you need to make sure that the one you use is eye catching. Even though your profile picture may not seem to be a big deal, it does make a difference. It can make you seem more believable and your profile will seem more interesting. Your end goal is to get the best reaction possible from the other users, no matter what kind of marketing initiative you choose for yourself. Boring is never interesting, which is why it never sells. Be Short and Sweet: You need to get to the point in every place–both with your bookmark description and your title. You don’t have much room with this so your description needs to be concise. Pretend first that you are copywriting an ad except that, in this case, you don’t have to do any direct selling. Try practicing these skills for titles and descriptions, and soon you will have the skills totally developed.

All in all, from the above article we can clearly come to understand the overall advantage of leveraging social bookmarking sites for traffic. The real trick is to use social bookmarking alongside your other traffic generation methods so you can get real results.

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