Link Wheel Service

We just added “Link wheel service” to the Leopard SEO Service.

What is a Link Wheel?
Link wheel service refer’s to the practice of linking external social web 2.0 sites (also called parasite sites) together in to a linked wheel to support your ‘hub’site. This hub and spoke marketing is not new and we have been using this technology for high rankings for a long time.

Link Wheel Diagram

link wheel edited Link Wheels Added


Added Value
When you use any of the Leopard SEO services you get link wheels added for free. We also use proprietary linking magnification to get more bang for your dollar.

Find out how the “Link Wheel Service” can benefit your business by contacting us now for a no-obligation consultation, either by phone or complete and submit the form below and we will call you to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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