Launching A Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social Media Advertising and marketing is a relatively new solution to advertise your products and/or services, and has been proven efficient repeatedly. This is especially true when your target audience consists of teenagers and young adults. A couple of examples of very profitable Social Media Marketing Campaigns (Forbes, The Best-Ever Social Media Campaigns) are:

* Procter & Gamble’s Outdated Spice Campaign – Proctor & Gamble devised a intelligent method of actively involving followers and customer’s by inviting them to make use of Twitter and Fb to submit inquiries to Isaiah Mustafa, who would then rapidly, and quite wittily, respond in a web video.

* Blendtec: Will It Mix? – Blendtec launched a collection of video shorts for his or her Blendtec Complete Blender that includes odd issues being blended, such as an iPhone. This advertising campaign not only efficiently promoted Blendtec and their products, but blender sales has seen an astonishing seven-hundred% sale enhance since 2006.

* Pepsi Refresh – Pepsi started this marketing campaign, and it is nonetheless ongoing, to promote their model while giving a chance to the on a regular basis client to obtain funding for their distinctive and charitable ideas and work. This appealed very properly to their young consumers.

* OfficeMax’s “Elf Your self” Campaign – In the course of the holiday season of 2006, OfficeMax launched its “Elf Your self” campaign. This allowed customers to add pictures of themselves, which might then be placed on a dancing elf. Over 122 million users created their very own dancing elves. This in turn boosted visitors to OfficeMax’s web site and elevated sales and brand awareness.

* Ikea’s Showroom on Facebook – When Ikea opened a new store in Malmo, Sweden they’d the idea to have the store’s supervisor post footage of the showrooms to Ikea’s Facebook page, then invited followers to tag the pictures. The first fan to tag an item on one of many showroom footage then received that item. This marketing campaign truly won an award at Cannes in 2010.

What do these hugely popular and efficient Social Media Marketing Campaigns have in widespread? Under is a breakdown of the commonalities they share:

1. Personalization – Social Media relies on the idea of connecting folks with each other and the issues they really feel are important of their lives. An efficient campaign ensures that the consumer feels commonality and private curiosity from the company.

2. Interplay – People wish to really feel involved. When a company produces a manner for the consumer to instantly communicate and work together with it, there’s certain “consumer/company bond” formed.

3. Humor – Strategically positioned humor is an effective way to catch someone’s attention. If your advertising material is humorous sufficient, it is sure to make its means across the workplace, plop into conversations between associates, and most significantly be remembered.

4. Humanization – This directly relates to Personalization and Interaction. No consumer wants to really feel like they are just one other statistic to a company, they need to set up long-term relationships with businesses that they really feel they will relate to.

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