Increasing Facebook Advertising Sales By Way Of Testing

Facebook is becoming popular with advertisers month after month. With a billion in ad revenue coming in, it’s pretty clear that a lot of businesses are hoping to cash in on all that traffic. This just goes on to show that Facebook is actually giving results, which is why so many advertisers are trying it out. What follows in the rest of this article is three advertising tips designed for Facebook. Knowledge of how to enhance your Facebook advertising efforts can be useful when you are looking to sell a product about insect repellent lotion – you will be sure to produce valuable results from the info in this write-up.

We want to address the importance of determining which ads are doing something good for you and which ones are duds. If you’re familiar with PPC, then you know all about split testing ads. You should do this to every new ad you run, and especially to ads that do not make you money. Your aim should be to get a high return on investment with your advertising strategy and this can only happen when you get rid of any ads that aren’t getting you good results. Some marketers will run a campaign for a little while, their conversions will be low, and they’ll immediately pronounce it as ‘not working.’ However, instead of blaming the robust Facebook advertising platform, you need to work with your own ads to set them straight. Even if you’re not at Facebook, you can test ads and other sites using a URL rotator. Yes, it goes without saying practically that you will be able to select to whom you advertise; ie your target market. You can tap into these groups and actually bring a high response because these people are passionate towards that niche, which increases the likelihood of them clicking on your ad often. You can see good conversions if you have a good product, and you are able to speak to the emotions of your market. People respond to ads in an emotional and visceral way, and that is what you need to address. The more effective you can write your ads, you’ll see everything do much better including how long your ads run before saturation hits.

When you’re analyzing your CTR’s, take note of the average and not just what’s going on at that particular moment. Unless and until you do your testing you won’t know. You need to be proactive at Facebook since they are lacking in some ppc campaign management features.

Yes, of course, Facebook is a terrific place to advertise just about anything due to the huge amount of traffic. However, you just need to do your homework before you proceed with it because after all, you’re investing your time and money in it. You simply must work on increasing your conversion rates at all times, and that means split testing your ads. In conclusion when you manage an online blog regarding kids bathroom themes – or similar subject- you will be able to enhance the online content with the info in this text!

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