How To Get Your Press Release Released

A press release can be an incredibly powerful marketing and awareness tool, if you can convince the media that your story is indeed newsworthy. Most people trust the press to only release stories that are true and accurate, so having your business’ or organization’s name printed by them create an instant credibility among a completely new clientele base.

But you must know that the press receives thousands of press releases on daily basis, so you may be required to put a little fight before yours can be seen out there. Here are some tips to help you get your release out there.

Press Release Don’t Joke With Your Content

We’ll talk a bit about formatting in a moment, as it is important, but your press release should focus first on exciting, eye-catching, and intriguing content. Your headline must be bold and captivating, but it must also be relevant to what you are going to write. With a catchy headline and a crappie content you are not going anywhere near publication.

Additionally, the sentences that follow your headline should be, for the most part, equally tantalizing and dripping with information. This is a delicate balancing act that none but an experienced and seasoned journalist or writer will be able to achieve. While each sentence should push your story forward in a creative way, it is important to avoid overly flowery language lest your press release read more like a work of fiction than a news story.

Your sentences must be short and informative. Long sentences will be very difficult to read and may lead to lose of interest. In short, if your press release reads as a work of sales copy or an excerpt from a leisure book, you aren’t going to get any respect or attention from the media.

Format your press release- Formatting Your Press Release

The formatting of the press release is as important as the content itself. Formnating is also easy to do. Anyone who can follow directions can format their press release properly. Formating comes after writing your content. If everything is well done, you must be published in at least one media.

However, you need to edit your press release thoroughly before submitting it. Avoid any grammatical errors. Your contact information must be clearly specified and you have to indicate whether you want it released immediately or later. Once you have your final copy, submit it to as many media outlets as you can. Don’t be afraid to submit to big organizations as well as smaller ones. Get your press release out now

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