Google Adsense Terms Of Service – 3 Ways To Get Banned

While there are lots of monetization methods for any site, one of the mainstays of online business has been Google’s AdSense program. However, like anything else online, you can hurt your efforts with simple mistakes, so we’d like to help you avoid some common ones when you’re using AdSense on your site. Another good soucre of information about blogging is the review free traffic mogul any day of the week.

You’ll need to adopt a serious position when it comes to online privacy because Google cares about it so much. One thing you should never do is reveal certain categories of data in your Adsense account. You cannot talk about, or show, things like individual ad earnings, or your CPM or CTR. You can find everything outlined in their TOS for Adsense. As far as the gross earnings from Adsense, sure you can discuss that but not broken down in any way. The best way to deal with this is to try and avoid disclosing any such information for whatever reason or else you may have your account banned. Secondly, don’t confuse your visitors by placing adjacent images. Not long ago publishers would put up the same amount of images as they had text ads in an attempt to increase their click through rate to give the (false) impression that the images were represented by the text ads. Now it is even against the rules to include lines or spaces between your ads. Now you need to make sure that site visitors are not able to mistake an image for an ad. Avoiding these small mistakes can go a long way toward making sure that your account stays safe and that your relationship with Google stays good. Another good soucre of information about blogging is the review auto traffic hijack website.

It is also important that you do not place your ads on pages that contain things like registrations, thank you messages or any other page that doesn’t contain relevant content. Let’s face it: advertisers only like spending money on advertising that is displayed on pages that contain relevant and targeted content. This is good because the better your content the better your ads will be.

So, unless your page has a good amount of well written content do not put your AdSense ads up.

To conclude: these tips show readers just how easy it is for a user to succeed when he uses Google Adsense. Even if you do everything else right, if you make any of these simple mistakes you run the risk of having problems later on. There are many publishers who lose their AdSense account just because they aren’t careful, but you can be different. If you make the most of it, you can turn Google AdSense into a real money maker for you. For more information about blogging go to the affiliate marketing review webpage.

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