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Facebook has become more than just a place for persons to reconnect with friends and family, it has now become a platform that persons can use to promote their various businesses. By using your Facebook if you are looking for a way to promote your business then you just need to get more fans for your page.

Facebook’s 500 million users log over 700 billion minutes on the site in any given month! Your business can benefit from putting these statistics to good use by promoting your services or products on your fan page.

Listed below are 5 ways that you can use to get more Facebook fans.

  1. Make Facebook a Part of Your Marketing Scheme – Whether it is a notation on your business cards or company letterhead, or whether it is on your website or a part of your email signature; you should add a link to your Facebook page. Hooking clients into your Facebook presence is just as key as giving them your phone number and e-mail.
  2. Information Should Be Interesting and Relevant to Your Business – In order for you to gain fans on your Facebook page, the information that you post should be informative and of good quality. You must have a up-to-date page with minimal ads, or you will quickly loose fans.
  3. Everybody likes coupons, and a raffle (for, say, a gift certificate) is always popular. These are just two ways to attract more fans. By doing this, existing fans will encourage persons that they know to become a fan of your page.
  4. Reward existing clients for becoming your fan; this will make better use of your existing e-mail subscribers. Since these persons already like your business, they are the perfect candidates to become your fans on Facebook. Send them a basic e-mail asking them to be your Facebook fan.Just send them an email requesting that they fan you on Facebook.
  5. Link Your Fan Page to Your Twitter Account – By linking your fan page to your Twitter account, each time you make a post on your page, a tweet will be generated that has a link that points back to your Facebook fan page. This allows your Twitter followers to be your fan on Facebook too.

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