Check Out Long Tail Keywords And Learn How To Dominate The Search Engines

The heart of any good Internet marketing campaign starts by doing a little bit of keyword research. The actual system that you employ to get visitors to come to your site is irrelevant if keyword research is not accurately done. Every campaign for online marketing is fueled by this critical aspect. The best place to start is by selecting the niche or specific area you want to target first.

As soon as you zero in on the niche, the next step is to start the research work. In this endeavor, you must opt for a dependable keyword research program. One of the most commonly used tools is Google’s AdWords Keyword Research, but there are lots of other options that you should explore. Even though Google Adwords will help you locate targeted words, you may find you will need a more specialized research tool like Micro Niche Finder. The goal is to find those highly targeted keywords that will give your campaign an edge. The biggest benefit you derive from using these tools is that they give you detailed information about a keyword and show you how the number of competing websites. You’ll have a good idea about what it will take to rank your site for your chosen keywords and if it would be possible to get on the first page of Google. To learn more go to the affiliate scalper training course.

Once you have decided on a research tool and you have your niche selected, the actual research part of your campaign shouldn’t take a lot of time. For this scenario, we’ll be taking “weight loss” as an example so as to explain how to do the keyword research. Assume that you are marketing an “ebook on weight loss,” and that your target market segment is “weight loss.” All you need to do is enter “roofing repair” into the software you have chosen for your research and then search for other related keywords. In return, you will receive a register of keywords relevant to “weight loss”. Make sure the keywords you choose off this list are “buying” keywords. In other words, if you go for any general keywords, then it wouldn’t really serve the purpose. Your keywords should focus on an identical result, like your product which offers an answer to a common problem. Another reason for focusing on “buying” keywords at this point is to make sure your time won’t be wasted by folks who are searching for information instead of a solution. Your goal is to make a sale at this point, not just to be giving out information for free. For more information visit the rapid sales formula training center.

As soon as you’ve decided on what your list of targeted keywords will be, open up your notepad and save that list. Now you need to research deeper. Open your keyword research software again and use the list of keywords to generate a more specific list of keywords. This time you should get back a list of what they call “long tail” keywords, which are more related to your actual product or service. Because so many people want that top-ranking for “roofing” or “repair”, it’s easier to get a better ranking for a long tail keyword. There is just so much competition for those short tail keywords, it’s not really worth your time and effort so you might as well focus on getting something more targeted. Consider the difference of using “weight loss using natural herbal supplements” as a long tail keyword; there will be virtually no competition and you will soar to the top of rankings. You’ll discover when you make use of a keyword research tool you find a lot more long tail keywords than Google Keyword Tool will be able to search out for you.

Generic keywords are highly competitive and, therefore, not as effective while multi-word phrases will net you higher rankings and better results. Don’t waste your time being frantic about generating high rankings on a generic keyword; look at the bigger picture. Concentrate your efforts on garnishing the niche that has yet to be capitalized on by other marketers, while others waste their time trying to rank dead-end keywords.

Optimizing your keywords for search engine rankings isn’t rocket science, but it does employ somewhat repetitive efforts. You have to take smart steps and be alert with your research to reach the top position for your chosen keywords. For more info visit johnkeeble site

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