3 Harmful SEO Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

All internet marketers should have a basic knowledge of search engine optimization. What makes SEO so valuable is that it’s the best way to generate many targeted visitors to your site for free. As long as you use appropriate keywords, the visitors you’ll receive from the search engines is ultra targeted, which makes it especially valuable. However, if you’re just starting out with SEO, you’re bound to make mistakes. Let’s look at a few of the most common and harmful mistakes to make sure you avoid them in the future. Whether you’re using SEO to promote your hair loss solutions site or any other website, the most important thing is focus.

Anchor text is a powerful way to leverage your SEO efforts, but many people don’t use it the right way. The anchor text is what you use in a link to your site. The search engines use this for ranking your website, which is why it should contain your primary keyword.

For example, if your targeted keyword is “gaining muscle easily” then your anchor text needs to contain this particular keyword phrase. If your anchor text says something like, “for more information,” however, you’re making the mistake of not giving the search engines any meaningful keywords.

While backlinks are valuable for your sites ranking, getting them quickly is not a good idea. Getting lots of backlinks fast is a good way to lower your site’s ranking, even if it’s presently high. This just goes out and sends search engines a signal that you’re a spammer trying to build links too fast to reach higher rankings. Therefore, you have to acquire links slowly and not be in a hurry if you want good results with the search engines. Natural link building is critical for your SEO success. So build your links the right way, and make sure any services you hire for this purpose are building your links naturally, as this will help your site in the long run. For example, if you’re promoting a site about thinning hair, you should focus your efforts on using ethical SEO techniques.

Finally, make sure you’re not guilty of keyword stuffing when you create your content.

This means overusing your primary keywords on your site, something the search engines don’t like to see. Use your keywords in critical places (e.g. post/article title, first sentence), but make sure your keyword density is 5% or less. Internet marketers sometimes believe that the more they use their keywords, the better the search engines will rank their page. However, it’s quite the opposite here. Search engines are smart enough to detect any kind of keyword stuffing, so make sure you don’t indulge in it.

In conclusion, online marketers have been applying SEO tactics for almost as long as the internet has existed. It’s not as easy as it used to be, though, as more sites are using the same methods to get results. So in order to beat the competition and actually get long term results with your SEO work, you need to keep these basic tips in mind. Maintaining a high search engine ranking is not as hard as achieving it in the first place, so you can look forward to getting to Google’s first page and then taking it a little easier.

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