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Leopard Marketing specialise
in generating highly qualified targeted leads
for local businesses like yourself with great success.



The way we operate is quite simple. We get leads from our Geo targeted websites and send them directly to local business owners within that particle niche to follow up and turn into loyal customers.

We like our customers to view us as business partners, where we come along side and help you grow your business using the leads we provide and of course we also make money by selling the leads to you, so it’s a win win situation for everyone!

We Get Buying Customers Ringing You

Lead Generation Services

There is absolutely no commitment required from you, no contracts etc and we even will give you the leads for free for a week so you can see how valuable they are.

We manage everything and simply send all the leads to your inbox every day in real time as we get them, and you follow up with them.

I am more than happy to explain the process in more detail with you, and can put some time aside for you should you be interested in giving this a try.

If you have any questions about this process,
you can email:
or speak to me personally on (04) 7808 7424